Organizational Goals and Objectives.

Organizational Goals and Objectives


Our goals in Dialife dialysis clinics are providing patient and employee satisfaction by providing patient and employee safety in accordance with the Quality Standards in Healthcare – Dialysis guide, while providing effective, efficient, on-time service within the framework of equity.


There are two objectives in accordance with the Healthcare Quality Standards – Dialysis:

Category Objectives; include organizational objectives regarding the presentation scheme of our organization’s services.

  • Obtaining “Effective” results from planned objectives.
  • Checking the “Efficacy” of all planned and realized activities, and providing sustainability.
  • Increasing “Productivity” while realizing the objectives, in accordance with the Healthcare Quality Standards, and by utilizing minimal resources.
  • Creating a safe and an ideal working environment and infrastructure so that our health care workers in Dialife Dialysis Clinics can maintain a “Healthy Work-Life”.

Category Objectives; include our responsibilities for our patients who obtain one-on-one service from our organization.

  • Providing “Patient Safety” by realizing precaution and improvement activities in order to keep all predictable risks that can harm all our patients being treated in Dialife dialysis clinics and their caretakers under an acceptable risk level.
  • Acting with “Equality” in ensuring that all our patients treated at Dailife Dialysis Clinics benefit from equal rights without any distinctions and according to their treatment and care needs, and guarantee all service processes provided by the organization.
  • Following a “Patient Focused” approach in our treatment services while taking into account the requests, necessities, expectations and values of our patients in all the services we provide our patients, and ensuring active participation of the patient in treatment and care processes.
  • In medical procedures and processes which were decided for the patient, working “in Accordance” with the physician’s prescriptions and organization’s policies.
  • Providing treatment and care services in an acceptable “Timeframe” which suits best for the patient’s needs.
  • Providing “Continuity” after the patient’s treatment is completed.

                                                                                                                                        Director of Dialife Dialysis Clinics

                                                                                                                                        Dr. Gazi KARAKURT

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