About Dialife Dialysis Group.

About Dialife Dialysis Group

DIALIFE DIALYSIS GROUP was established in 2014, aiming for the service standard provided to the patients to be focused on "life and quality in dialysis".

By operating in 3 dialysis centers in Beykoz, Çekmeköy and Kadıköy regions, Dialife Dialysis Group has become the dialysis group with the most equipment and the largest patient capacity in the Anatolian side.

Our team, consisting of experienced hemodialysis physicians, dialysis nurses and other healthcare staff, are currently providing healthcare in our dialysis centers, with the infrastructure and service quality to provide service to regions such as Beykoz, Üsküdar, Ümraniye, Ataşehir, Çekmeköy, Sancaktepe, Sultanbeyli, Kadıköy and Şile, where 2,5 million people reside. Our experience in dialysis treatment is at the highest level and therefore, patient satisfaction is kept at high level.

Dialife Corporate History

Dialife Dialysis Group has entered the dialysis sector by taking over a dialysis center with 23 machines in Beykoz Çubuklu in April 2014. Following this course, the takeover of Çekmeköy Hayat Dialysis Center was initiated in February 2015 and the first patients were accepted in April.

In June 2015, in the same region with 20 hemodialysis machines, Özel Çekmeköy Dialysis Center was taken over and merged with Çekmeköy Hayat Dialysis Center.

In December 2016, the takeover of one of the first dialysis centers in the Anatolian side, Transmed Dialysis Center, was initiated and the first patients were accepted in 2017.

In July 2019, the acquiring of Koşuyolu ATA Dialysis Center was completed and it was incorporated with Dialife Dialysis Group.

In October 2019, Koşuyolu Ata Dialysis was moved into its new building in Kadıköy and started accepting patients.

Currently, our Group continues its activities in the sector in our Dialife Beykoz Dialysis Center with 31 machines, Dialife Çekmeköy Dialysis Center with 48 machines and Dialife Ata Dialysis Center with 30 dialysis machines at the Anatolian side in İstanbul. Furthermore, we provide our patients who wish to have home dialysis, with our Home Hemodialysis Training Machine in Dialife Kadıköy Ata Dialysis Center.

Currently, we provide service to 550 patients in our clinics and with the current capacity, have the infrastructure to provide services to approximately 700 patients.

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