Dialife Çekmeköy Dialysis Center

Our Dialife Çekmeköy Dialysis Center, which is contracted with SSI, has the infrastructure and equipment with its 48 hemodialysis machines to provide service for 288 patients.
Dialife Çekmeköy Dialysis Center.

In Dialife Çekmeköy Dialysis center, there are 3 sessions per day: morning, noon and evening,.

We provide our patients with quality service thanks to our team consisting of a responsible manager who has over 20 years of dialysis experience, our experienced hemodialysis nurses and other health care staff. Also in our dialysis centers, an Internal Medicine Specialist with Dialysis Physician and a consultant Nephrologist to consult our problematic cases provide services.

In Dialife Çekmeköy Dialysis Center, there are 48 Hemodialysis Machines including 25 Braun Dialog hemodialysis machines, 11 Fresenius 4008  hemodialysis machines, 9 Gambro and 3 Nikkiso hemodialysis machines.

There is an RO (Reverse Osmosis) water system that is capable of producing for 48 hemodialysis machines and an Endotoxin Filter, and we perform water analyses every morning. Moreover, water analyses are performed every 3 months by accredited laboratories.

In our Dialife Çekmeköy Dialysis Center, there are 5 shuttles and our patients are picked up from their houses and taken back to their homes after treatment. These shuttles are dedicated to our patients and are free of charge.

Also, breakfast is served in our dialysis center for our patients and it is free of charge.

Our center is contracted with the SSI (Social Security Institution), treatments of our patients are paid for by the SSI completely, no difference will be charged and no payments are accepted under any name.

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Necip Fazıl Mh. Alemdağ Cd. No:888 Ümraniye / İstanbul / Turkey

+90(216) 415 5656


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